Art Of War: Red Tides

Art Of War: Red Tides

Art Of War: Red Tides

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Art of War: Red Tides Gameplay

Art of War: Red Tides New Arena Mode 5:0 Wins HD Walkthrough/Playthrough/Gameplay

Team up and battle against commanders from all around the world. In Art of War: Red Tides, victory cannot be guaranteed by money, but strategy and teamwork.

Game mechanics:
It is as simple as follows
- Set troop: select a race, choose ten units under this race to set up your troop and then join the battle.
- Send troop: you have 12 seconds to prepare during each wave, and you need to observe the battle, speculate enemy’s intention and then send appropriate types and number of units to the battlefield.
- Destroy enemy turrets and base: continually overwhelm each enemy, use Commander Skills, cooperate with your teammates, pull down their three turrets one by one, and destroy their base.

Simple as the battle is, you will still experience various strategies and tactics in each battle.

Game features:
- Team up and battle against commanders from all corners of the world
- Support over 200 units that can fight smart in the fiery battle at the same time
- Command concisely, play smart, and operate conveniently on different devices
- With over 120 kinds of units in three races, the game emphasizes Strategic Thinking, the core element reflected in the classic strategy games. It is easy to learn but hard to master.

- Art of War: Red Tides adopts “free download + in-game purchase” pattern.

Let us start our journey, commanders!

【Details about Subscribe】
-Subscribe period: 1 month
-Subscribe price: 8.49 USD/month (or local equivalent)
-Subscribe content: you will enjoy 5 privileges during your subscription
1. Light the crown
2. Daily gems (sent by mail)
3. Coins & exp bonus
4. Extra loot chest
5. Free exclusive skins that only for subscriber
-Subscribe will be charged on your iTunes Account after purchase and it will renew automatically unless you turn it off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.
-You can manage your subscription by going to “Setting” - “iTunes & App stores” - tap your Apple ID - “View Apple ID” - “Subscription” - “Art of War: Red Tides” - -cancel subscription
-Privacy policy:;
-Terms of service:;

What's New in Version 1.0.5

【New Features】
1. Opening CG and BGM now are available now.
2. Command Academy: Challenge and win rich rewards with fixed Soul Essence to deploy your army in a stage-clear like gameplay.
3. War Zone: the war between all different countries is about to start, fight for the glory. Commanders may be summoned for your country in 3v3 battle.
4. History of the Great Interstellar War: experiencing the history of Red Tides, one story everyday to tell you those ancient legends in Cetus.

【Bugs fixed】
1. Adjust the balance of some high win-rate units.
2. Adjustment made on some unit’s movement and speed to optimize the crowded situation.
3. Subscribe and new Bundles now are available in Store.
4. Optimize movement, music and sound effect.
5. In-game auto translation now are more intelligent and even abbreviated English can be auto translated.
6. UI interface for all languages has been optimized.
7. Fixed the problem that not enter the game after loading 99% resources.